The Acetate - Vinyl

The Official Tramp Records release of the original 1971 recording of the former Acetate album known as 'Going Nowhere' by 'Your Friend Spyk'. Now known as 'The Acetate' by 'Van Spyk and Friend'.
Those who purchase the Vinyl edition of this album (a limited edition of 250 copies only) will get a free copy of the CD version.

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The Acetate
1. Garbage Drama (Van Spyk)
2. Peppermint Cream and Gooseberry Pie
(Van Spyk - Friend)
3. Teacher of Life
(Van Spyk)
4. Doing Things Naturally
(Van Spyk - Friend)
5. When's It Gonna Stop?
(Van Spyk - Friend)
6. Bitter World
(Van Spyk - Friend)
7. When I Was Young
(Van Spyk)
1. A Country Divided (Van Spyk - Friend)
2. As The Sun Rises (Van Spyk - Friend)
3. Lady of the East (Van Spyk - Friend)
4. Those Eyes (Van Spyk - Friend)
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