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Alexandre's website from France
The Spanish label that Rob and I signed the contract for, to enablethem to re-issue, in both vinyl and CD format, our 1974 album ‘Dreaming Again’ by Stonefield Tramp.
Graphic design freelancer, based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.
The Army Childrens Archive which contains some articles written by myself. Fascinating stories!
A stalwart of the British folk scene and valued musician on the 'Natural Noise' (2006), 'The Alamo' (2007) and 'Red Sky Descending' (2008) sessions.
The studio where I, and Stonefield Tramp, recorded our new albums. I highly recommend it!
Britains premier folk band with Phil Beer and Steve Knightley.
A premier U.K. folk club and just down the road from me.
My friend Colin and his band. A fellow singer/songwriter from Exeter.
My Female vocalist on the 'Natural Noise' sessions.
Nick Bliss, my bass player from our former 'New Morning' days. This is his band.
Ken Wharton's book of squaddies stories from the Northern Ireland 'Troubles.'
The website of the shrine in San Antonio, Texas.
The website of the Alamo Society of which I am a member.
The website of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association.
Klemen's website, from Slovenia. A staunch supporter of Stonefield Tramp.
Stonefield Tramp played at this festival in 1975.
Rob Van Spyk's Stonefield Tramp Blog site.
A lovely art gallery in Letchworth, run by a lovely lady called Collete.