The Alamo

Should I be so lucky to have any of my songs remembered after I have gone, if so, then this song may well be the one!  Written differently than all of the others, for they were all inspirational, no effort required whatsoever!  I sweated blood over this one, and several years were to pass before I was satisfied with my lyrics.  As for the tune, that took decades!  You know, it's not every day that I create an eighteen minute long song.  But I just found it impossible to tell the story of the Alamo in a three minute 'Pop' song!'


I was about nine years old when I first read about the story of the Alamo, and that was in the pages of a book called 'The story of Davy Crockett.'  I've never quite understood why I was so touched about the tale of that gallant band's famous last stand in San Antonio, Texas on the 6th of March 1836.  In that same year I received the aforementioned book, I also saw Fess Parker's film portrayal of Davy Crockett in the Walt Disney movie.  My interest in the subject continued and at the age of thirteen I saw John Wayne's film 'The Alamo.'  I don't know of any kid, in those far off fifties, that didn't have an affection for the 'Duke' and his films.  Several years later, and I am a serving soldier back in Germany, I purchase a book by Walter Lord called 'A time to stand.'  It was from the images placed in my head and my heart from this book and John Wayne's film that inspired me to write the lyrics that would eventually become the bedrock of my song.


The Letchworth Country band Alter Ego, that I had just recorded my 'Summertime' album with, recorded the first version of this song in 2004.  You can imagine how proud we all were when this CD went on sale at the gift shop of the Shrine itself in San Antonio!  My vocal version of this song was released on my 'Anthology-Part Two- The CD Years' album in 2006 and finally I released the definitive version of my song, with a slight alteration to the chord structure, in 2007.  I was joined in the studio by my two friends, Brian Balster from 'Stonefield Tramp' and Phil Beer from 'Show of Hands.'  I also need to pay due tribute to David Pick and Dave Draper for their monumental engineering and production duties on this recording.


I also had a very firm idea of the image that I wanted for this CD and had local Letchworth artist Allan Hunnisett paint the picture for me.  To date, all told, I must have written and recorded about a hundred songs, but I doubt if there will ever be another one on the epic scale of this project!